Bull City Stimulus Redistribution Collective

Welcome to the the BCSR Collective! Yes, you are in the right place. We are encouraging anyone who does not need their COVID-19 relief checks to share all or part of it with neighbors who may not have received a relief check or who may have received one but still have significant need. We are a group of non-profits and faith communities in Durham who have organized to help ensure our neighbors have their basic needs met during this crisis. Each member organization has identified individual needs in their relational network, with hundreds of potential recipients identified thus far. Collective members are mutually committed to spend 100% of donated funds toward $1,200 in direct support to these individuals. We also invite other organizations to join and expand our efforts by facilitating redistribution across their own network.

You can make a donation by clicking on any of the links below. Please designate "stimulus redistribution" in the memo line or box for any donations. Thank you for helping us support the thriving of our community!

The Community Empowerment Fund

CWS (can also designate "immigrant solidarity fund")


Jubilee Home

La Semilla

NC Farmworkers Project

Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham

How exactly does this work?

Just three easy steps, really. You make a donation, the donation is received by the designated organization, and they share that money with people who need it. The monies will be designated as a separate part of each organization's budget, marked solely for direct redistribution to identified individuals in their network. Recipients will be neighbors:

  • without access to a stimulus/relief check (e.g. undocumented immigrants, people experiencing homelessness, people recently returned from prison) and/or

  • neighbors who have basic needs beyond the scope of any aid received.

Collective members will follow their own best practices around redistribution, with a shared commitment to prioritizing the safety, dignity, and agency of every recipient.

What's unique about this effort?

That's a good question. Charitable donations are a crowded business, perhaps especially in this time of immense need. Our collective has come together around a few basic but distinctive commitments.

  • A focus on individual redistribution across disparate access. Some of us are receiving checks we don't really need, while others are receiving less than we need (or nothing at all).

  • A desire to leverage our relationships in service of solidarity. We are organizations who have ongoing relationships with vulnerable neighbors, and with neighbors who care about those vulnerable neighbors. This is our way of inviting tangible, neighbor-to-neighbor economic solidarity across those networks.

  • A 100% passthrough of funds to where they're needed most. Every collective member has agreed to redistribute all funds received, and spend no monies collected toward their organizational needs.

Are there other local redistribution efforts I can support?

Absolutely. We're grateful to be part of a community where multiple organizations are mobilizing to redirect stimulus resources through their networks. We've particularly noticed Siembra NC's invitation of "Share Your Check" donations towards their Immigrant Solidarity Fund, and a newly launched a Thriving Community Fund to invest in PoC-owned businesses.

Who is involved so far?

The Collective launched on May 1 as a collaborative effort among Community Empowerment Fund, CWS, Duke University Chapel, DurhamCares, Jubilee Home, La Semilla, NC Farmworkers Project, and Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham. We're excited for other organizations to join and help us reach more folks!

How can I get more information?

Our collective is grateful to have Breana van Velzen of Duke University Chapel serving as organizer and clearinghouse for our shared efforts! If you're a potential donor, an organization who might like to sign on, or just looking for more information, please reach out!